Change How You Eat
Sit somewhere different
Eat at a table (no screens)
Add fresh herbs to your meal
Add a piece of fruit to your meal
Play relaxing music while you eat
Leave the last bite of food on your plate
Put your fork down between bites
Set a timer while you eat
Order half of your food to go
Eat a mint halfway through your meal
Drink a glass of water before you eat
Drink a glass of water at the first sign of hunger
Order a healthier dessert (don't eliminate it)
Substitute a salad for fries
Add lemon/lime to your water
Breathe deeply for one minute before eating
Eat a piece of fruit before you eat your mea

Change What You Do
Plant fresh herbs in your kitchen (like basil or rosemary)
Cook at least one meal a day
Play relaxing music while you cook
Cut up veggies to put in the fridge
Dress up before you eat
Use your good china or crystal
Prep your next meal after you finish the first one
(so you don’t just grab whatever you see)
Buy a new cookbook
Buy a new kitchen gadget to use (spiralizer or veggie steamer)
Take a cooking class
Give yourself a non-food reward (like a massage)
Try a new restaurant
Call a friend when you feel like bingeing


Small daily improvements are the key to staggering long-term results.

Change How You Move
Set out your workout clothes the night before
Sign up for a new workout class
Ease into your workout with a baby step (just
get on the treadmill and see what happens)
Get a rebounder and bounce 10 minutes a day
Walk with light weights
Recruit a friend to exercise with you
Buy a new workout outfit
Set your alarm 10 minutes early to stretch
Sign up for an active event (like a 5K)
Pace while you talk on the phone
Park farther away in the parking lot
Exercise between tasks while you clean
your house (do lunges or push-ups)
Stretch while you watch TV
Take a break and walk a flight of stairs at work
Walk the mall/airport concourse