Hi! I'm Camille.


I'm a registered dietitian, public health writer, and former chronic dieter dedicated to helping women quit dieting, set bigger and better goals, reclaim their excitement for life — and lose weight in the process.

I spent nearly 25 years of my life on a diet, and I’m passionate about showing women how to break free from the downward dieting spiral of failure and the shame it brings.

I learned through a long (and sometimes painful) process how to improve my relationship with food, change my destructive habits and negative thought patterns, and lose weight without dieting.

I want to teach you what I learned so you can short-cut that process and be on your way to a happier, healthier life — one that’s no longer dominated by a desperation to lose weight . . . but that will naturally help you lose it.

In my "other" life, I am an editor for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and a proud mom of two beautiful daughters and our rescue dogs.