Book Cover - Love to Lose - Love Your Life and Watch the Weight Lose Itself

Love To Lose: Love Your Life and Watch the Weight Lose Itself

Have you been trying to lose the last ten pounds for the last ten years . . . or more? If you’ve spent most of your life on a diet, this book is for you. Camille Martin is a registered dietitian and former chronic dieter who spent more than 25 years of her life trying to lose weight — until she finally couldn’t take it anymore and quit.

It was only when she did that the weight finally came off, almost effortlessly. She figured out why diets never work and how shaming yourself and feeling like a failure keeps you stuck — with the weight stuck to your body. In this book she will show you:

  • Why you’re not the failure, diets are
  • How spending your life trying to lose weight is what’s keeping you from losing it
  • The step-by-step method to changing your thoughts and habits, the only thing that works
  • How to free yourself from diet prison, live your life fully, and watch the weight lose itself

More than just a book about losing weight, this book will also show you how to set bigger and better goals, live to your fullest potential, and create a meaningful life you love — the one you were born to live.

What readers are saying about the book...

Never in a million years would I have realized I was an emotional eater and that my stress could be causing just as many of my health issues as my diet. But after reading Camille’s book, now I know, and now I can adjust and take better care of myself. If you’ve ever struggled to take care of yourself or felt shame because of the way you look or the way your body feels, you will love this book! Get ready for light-bulb moments, and keep your pencil out while you read. My copy is full of notes, book darts, and underlines, and I feel extremely thankful I’ll never have to feel like a diet failure again.

— Celeste O.

I am one of those readers that keeps a yellow highlighter nearby to mark up any portion of a book that resonates with me. Well, my copy of Love To Lose is practically ALL YELLOW! Prior to retirement as a psychotherapist, I had read many self-help, weight management, and motivational/inspirational books. In comparison to those I have read and set aside, this one will hold a lifelong place on my shelf! It is chock full of everything that is right with starting and staying on the journey to remain physically, nutritionally, and most importantly, emotionally healthy. This is not your mother’s weight loss book! And in fact, I think of it more as a how to jump-start-your-life book! I only wish I that I had this book as part of my bibliotherapy program when I was a practicing counselor. Now, I am just so happy to have found it for me!

— Jenny B.

Camille’s book provided me with facts about how to manage my weight without so much stress, which has helped me to enjoy my meals without constantly thinking about dieting. This is a “must have” book!

— Myrna S.

Highlights from Love To Lose:

“Losing weight isn’t what you’re after — it’s the life you imagine living once you lose it. And that life can be yours if you set an exciting, fulfilling goal and start working toward it.”

“Dieting keeps you trying to buy the winning lottery ticket, only to lose week after week. And it makes you believe that it’s your fault you didn’t get the right numbers.”

“Excess weight has nothing to do with who you are. It’s an indicator, nothing more. It’s a sign that you’re merely taking the wrong actions in the wrong way — and you can change this.”

“Losing weight won’t bring you anything other than a body that weighs less, and the more you buy into the concept that shedding the weight will somehow magically change your life, the longer you’ll stay stuck on a diet.”

“We keep ourselves locked in a prison of silence and rage, eating to make it go away, feeling shame because we failed, and working around the clock to cover up the evidence of our failure.”

“You can’t diet your way to a better life — but you can get the life you want by using what you already have inside of you to create it.”

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