Want to Change Your Body? Be Your Own BFF

You know that friend, the one who never has anything positive to say? We all have that friend.

The toxic friend.

The bad news is that your most toxic friend is the one inside your head.

She is your inner critic. And if you spend too much time with her, you’re going exactly NOWHERE.

You’re going to stay stuck, never achieving the goals you set for yourself — including to change your body. (You know, the one you’ve had since forever.)

The problem is that we’re so used to the voice of our inner critic that we don’t even notice she’s talking. And there’s a reason for that. (A lot of them, in fact.)

In this week’s video, I’m going to tell you how to transform your inner mean girl into your own bestie. And I’m going to explain why it’s so critical that you do.

You’re also going to learn:

  • What the antithesis of the beauty standard is – and how to use it to your advantage
  • The powerful yet simple practice to turbo-charge your weight-loss efforts
  • The most important thing I do every day to ensure my success (not what you think!)

It’s not as hard as you think to be your own BFF. And you won’t believe how much easier it is to change your body when you become her.

There’s no need to keep sabotaging yourself with your inner mean girl.

Watch the video to get your BFF blueprint!


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Camille Martin, RD

I wasted nearly 25 years of my life trying to lose weight. Now I spend my time running, juicing and "cooking" raw food, and laughing with my baby girls. I thoroughly enjoy growing Love To Lose, so I can teach you all I've learned along the way. I'm beyond excited to help you start your own journey, and I can't wait to meet you one day!
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