Why Being Looks-Focused Backfires — And How Finding Joy Makes You Look Better Than Ever

In today’s video, I’m going to tell you something I used to believe about myself that was completely untrue.

And I’m guessing you’ll be able to relate.

My belief was this: If I have the perfect body, then I’ll be happy.

Sure, I had lots of things in my life that brought me joy. But the mental torture was always there in the background.

How many calories did I eat yesterday? Do I look fat in these jeans? Why can’t my stomach be that flat?

We spend most of our mental and emotional energy obsessing about what we look like – and we spend our time and money trying to look “perfect.”

You may be thinking to yourself, “That’s ridiculous. I don’t spend all day thinking about what I look like.”

But if you can relate to any of these statements . . .

  • You’re hyper aware of how many calories or fat grams you’ve eaten
  • You’re trying to get to “goal weight” or fit into a certain size jeans
  • You scrutinize your face in the makeup mirror, looking for stray hairs and wrinkles
  • You avoid full-length mirrors like the plague and refuse to try on clothes at the store
  • You say, “Once I lose weight . . . then I’ll [fill in the blank].”

Then I’m afraid it’s true. And you’re not alone.

Sadly, all the time, money, and energy you spend on fixing yourself from the outside in could be used to create joy and fulfillment in your life.

But here’s the thing: by creating joy in your life, you will automatically look and feel better than ever.

So if you struggle with the persistent feeling that you’ll finally be “good enough” or truly happy if you just looked a certain way, this video is for you.

In it I’m going to explain how it all works so you can start doing all the things you’ve been putting off – and fit into the jeans, too!

Your life isn’t meant to be wasted perfecting your body – it’s to reach your potential.

And once you start working toward it, your body will automatically transform.


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Camille Martin, RD

I wasted nearly 25 years of my life trying to lose weight. Now I spend my time running, juicing and "cooking" raw food, and laughing with my baby girls. I thoroughly enjoy growing Love To Lose, so I can teach you all I've learned along the way. I'm beyond excited to help you start your own journey, and I can't wait to meet you one day!
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