How to Change the BS Stories That Keep You Chained to Your Bad Habits

I used to have a habit of ending a long, hard day with a big glass of white wine.

After working, cooking, cleaning, errand-running, and mom-ing all day, I was exhausted with a capital E. So I couldn’t wait to unplug in front of the TV with my glass of wine – which more often than not turned into two (sometimes three).

After that, I would collapse into bed, intending to get a full eight hours of sleep.

I was in the bed for eight hours alright – but there was nothing quality about my sleep. So I would wake up even more tired from not getting a good night’s sleep and launch myself into another long, hard day.

I finally figured out that the lack of sleep I was getting because of drinking wine was what was making my days so long and hard in the first place. And maybe if I laid off the wine at the end of the day – maybe I wouldn’t keep “needing” wine at the end of the day.

Does this sound familiar?

Too often we try to eliminate our bad habits without looking at what’s actually shaping them. And what’s shaping them is the stories we tell ourselves.

You know, like, I don’t have time to work out.

But maybe you don’t have time to work out . . .  because you’re not working out. (Stay with me.)

If you worked out, you’d be more focused during the day. And if you were more focused, you’d be able to get more done (in a lot less time). Which means you’d actually have time to work out every day!

See what I mean?

In this week’s video, I’m going to give you three simple steps to show you how to identify the BS stories that are keeping you stuck in your bad habits and change them.

Are you telling yourself the wrong stories? Let’s get to the bottom of it, so you can ditch those bad habits!


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Camille Martin, RD

I wasted nearly 25 years of my life trying to lose weight. Now I spend my time running, juicing and "cooking" raw food, and laughing with my baby girls. I thoroughly enjoy growing Love To Lose, so I can teach you all I've learned along the way. I'm beyond excited to help you start your own journey, and I can't wait to meet you one day!
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