4 Ways to Cancel Out the Cultural Brainwashing of Women

I just spent a fabulous week in Paris with my two daughters – it truly was a highlight of my life.

We had lunch at a café across from the Eiffel Tower, we ate way too many macarons, and we took a nighttime cruise down the Seine.

It was magical!

But there was one downside.

I could NOT get a picture of my beautiful girls. Seriously, they wouldn’t let me take their picture.

When I finally convinced them to get in just one (for the grandparents), it took a full 10 minutes of prepping and another 10 for the retakes.

I told them (only half-jokingly) that the Kardashians have ruined anyone’s chances of getting a family photo.

And I hate to admit it, but I spent most of our vacation . . .

  • Thinking about how many calories I was consuming
  • Wondering if the walking was canceling out how much I ate
  • Sucking my stomach in when we were in public
  • Unfairly comparing my 53-year-old self to my teenaged daughters and thinking, “What happened?”

All of this is a result of cultural brainwashing.

And I am enraged by it.

This brainwashing is robbing the world of women’s unique gifts. Because those gifts are being crushed by a sense of worthlessness that our looks don’t measure up to the standard.

In this week’s video, I’m giving you 4 ways to counteract the brainwashing. By practicing these strategies, you’ll feel more confident and less susceptible to the poisonous messages that our culture gives to women.

I really hope you’ll watch it because you deserve to feel beautiful with a capital B — because that is what you are.


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Camille Martin, RD

I wasted nearly 25 years of my life trying to lose weight. Now I spend my time running, juicing and "cooking" raw food, and laughing with my baby girls. I thoroughly enjoy growing Love To Lose, so I can teach you all I've learned along the way. I'm beyond excited to help you start your own journey, and I can't wait to meet you one day!
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